Thursday, November 27, 2008

Advanced SEO

  1. Redirection: Are you moving pages from one part of your site to another... or even to a different domain? Discover the cautious–yet–effective method of making the move, and the ways to ensure your users and search engines don't get lost in the shuffle.
  2. Sitemaps: Learn about opportunities and limitations of sitemaps, an easy tool you can create to help search engines crawl your site more effectively. Find out what's truth vs. myth in how search engines find and index Web pages.
  3. Search Engine Accessibility: Discover how to better help search engine bots and your users find, see, and understand what's on your site, and fine–tune how you facilitate your users' interactions and communications online.
  4. Multimedia: Learn how to use Flash, video, and images on your site without totally baffling search engine bots and many of your users.
  5. Descriptions and Annotations: Learn how title tags, meta descriptions, and image annotations can make a substantive difference in the quantity and quality of your site's traffic.
  6. Site Security and Protection: There are some pages you do NOT want search engines indexing. Find out about different levels of protection, and also learn how to remove information that search engines have already indexed. Also, find out how to guard your site against unscrupulous Web e-mail spammers.
  7. Site Clinics: We'll examine two or three government sites, highlighting best practices and also pitfalls to help you improve your own sites.


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