Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Do I Achieve Good SEO?

The building blocks of organic (free) search engine optimization include:

1. Make good use of keywords. For users to find your web pages on your own site's search engine and in commercial search engines like Google, pages must contain keyword phrases that match the phrases your users type into search boxes.
2. Have effective site architecture. You can develop a good site architecture that will help users easily understand the structure of your site, navigate the content, and succeed using your search engine. A few, simple navigation and coding tips can help you do that.
3. Have a process for indexing your site (using robots. text files).
4. Ensure quality links and link popularity. The last basic of successful search engine optimization is link popularity. That's the number and quality of links that point to your website. Link quality (links from popular, highly trafficked, or respected sites) carries far more weight than link quantity.


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