Monday, June 15, 2009

Email marketing 'an extremely valuable promotional tool'

Growing businesses could benefit greatly from using email marketing to reach their clients, it has been claimed.

According to Lisa Wehr, chief executive officer and founder of Oneupweb, the platform has become an "extremely valuable marketing tool" for contacting a number of consumers quickly.

Writing for Practical eCommerce, she claimed the "possibilities are endless" for firms using the channel, but added there is one way in which it particularly excels.

"Email marketing can be used to reach a vast, broad audience, but it works best when communications are targeted to cater to a specific potential consumer," she wrote.

"Focusing on your target audience increases the likelihood of a purchase and eliminates wasted impressions."

Recent research from e-Dialog found that 63 per cent of people feel email marketing is the channel most likely to inspire them to make an impulse online purchase.



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