Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marketing on the Internet: Measuring response

The usual test of marketing is the number of sales that result. Measure and analyse customer response to your site.

Monitor the number of website visitors who convert to customers:
  • It is relatively easy to create a large volume of traffic, but it is better to create a smaller number of relevant visitors that has a high conversion-to-sale ratio.
Track visitors to your site:
  • Examine which keywords visitors use to find your site and amend your site accordingly.
  • Use hit analysis software and make sure your ISP maintains an access log with full visitor details. Use these records to identify which of your pages are most popular, when and where visitors come from and which sites they visited before yours.
If you are pursuing exports, analyse the location of visitors to your site:
  • Once you know where significant numbers of foreign visitors come from, you can adjust your site to cater for them.
It is not always possible to tell where visitors are from, especially those using global services such as AOL.


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