Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 easy Ttps to boost website traffic

In this day and age, Internet marketing is one of the leading ways for companies to build, create, and manage brands online and offline. Some ways require a plethora of time while some others don't.

Even though I don't really write on the subject of SEO, I’ve been reading about it to learn the best ways to increase the traffic on my dating and relationship blog. As a result of this research, I’ve discovered that some of the best ways to boost traffic don’t cost a thing or only cost a few dollars - at most.

The best way to get started on boosting your website traffic is by developing a time efficient and cost effective marketing strategy. Research social media, SEO (link building and optimizing web content specifically), search engine marketing, email marketing, and sponsorships to see what sites offer what and which search engine tactics will provide the best results for you.

I find search engine optimization, article marketing, podcasts, online interviews, email marketing, and social media marketing the most effective ways for me to build my businesses.

Before laying the foundation to your online marketing strategy, consider following these free tips:

1.Research different online forums, blogs, and message boards. You can interact with people that are interested in your products/services. Ask questions, give advice, and comment on different posts. Often times, you will be able to leave a signature with your contact information, email address, and URL. The more places you can get your website listed, the better your SEO rankings will be positioned.

2.Newsletter advertising or sponsorships are great ways to expand your brand. Nevertheless, a more effective way for you to build a brand and get more traffic is to publish your own newsletter. You can provide subscribers with a list of your products or services. However, you must also provide your readers with valuable information.

To generate a small stream of revenue, you can sell advertising space or take on sponsors. If you don’t have an email list because you are just starting out, you can find another company that offers non-competing products or services and barter.

3.Exchange links with other sites and get listed in any relevant directories. The benefits are great because there is no cost to either one of you.

4.When writing copy for your website, use certain keywords and keyword phrases. Optimized web content helps websites rank higher on say Google and Yahoo when targeted keyword search terms are used. Keyword density should be about three to four percent. You can check the keyword density with This tool is great because if your keywords are at a higher percentage than three to four percent, it might be considered Spam by the search engines.

5.Get listed on Google's local business listing page.

6.I can't emphasize this enough; offer to write articles for industry magazines and websites. Most publications offer signature files with your contact information rather than monetary compensation (although there are some publications that do offer to pay by word). If you are not successful at pitching magazines, write and publish articles on free article content directories. If people are interested in what you are writing about and they read your article, they will go to your website to find out more about you. is a great site to start researching because they list authors according to expertise.



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