Monday, June 8, 2009

Effective email marketing 'can be achieved in a number of ways'

Companies can creative successful email marketing campaigns in several ways, according to an expert.

However, Henry Hyder-Smith, managing director of Adestra, has claimed that one fundamental issue that growing businesses should never be without is a plan of action.

In a column for, he explained that such items can be as detailed as firms want, but added they should cover basics on how relevant messages will be sent at the right time.

"Companies should also be looking at integration of different databases and touch points across the company to create a single customer view," he added.

"Finally, an overall strategy needs to be in place to ensure that the right communications plan is in place."

A recent study by MailerMailer claimed that news, party and newsletter are among the most popular subject line terms used in email marketing.

Other common phrases include free, night and sale, as well as com, update, holiday and week.



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