Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marketing on the Internet: Building a relationship

Take advantage of the Internet's interactive two-way communication channels to build responsive relationships with customers and prospects.

Create customised web content for each visitor to make them feel special:
  • Some retail sites 'remember' a customer's preferences, greet him or her by name and offer a tailored selection of goods.
  • Capture the information each visitor enters into forms on your site. If a name is given, store it so that it can be used for a personalised greeting.
Maximise the chance of your emails reaching their intended target:
  • Use the online tools available to analyse your emails before you send them to assess the likelihood of them being identified as spam. For example,
  • Regularly clean your list and give recipients the option to 'opt-out'.
Provide mechanisms to encourage people to respond to your email mailshots:
  • Always provide an email address in your mailings which customers can use to contact you.
  • Set up an autoresponder, which automatically sends a standard message in response to emailed enquiries.
  • Set up different email addresses for different campaigns, to make it easy to compare responses.
  • Using an individual's name as part of your email address for enquiries is more inviting than ''.


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