Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Responsys Data Integration for Marketing Campaigns

New self-service, data-driven marketing solution designed to give marketers increased transparency and control over how customer data is utilized.

Multichannel marketing solutions provider Responsys has released Responsys Interact Connect, a data integration tool designed to help marketers define, schedule and automate data transfers between external systems and the company's campaign management platform.

This announcement follows a Forrester report last month that predicts spending on email marketing to rapidly expand to nearly $2 billion by 2014. Citing the growing complexity associated email marketing the report identified data integration as a key growth area for marketers.

Interact Connect gives marketers more control over customer data by providing increased transparency and the ability to build automated campaigns, according to a company statement. Using a Web-based user interface, the new self-service product eliminates the need for scripting and decreases reliance on other IT resources according to the release.

John Lovett, Forrester senior analyst, wrote "Customer data is perpetually amassing for marketers with each new campaign, Web site visit and email delivered, thus creating unprecedented stores of Web data. This information is often siloed within disparate applications providing shallow customer insight, but nearly 80 percent of Web site decision-makers are unlocking value by integrating Web traffic data, customer profiles, email and survey data using various tools," in a February 2009 Forrester Research report titled, "What's Your Web Data Integration Strategy?"




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