Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Email marketing 'is business-critical'

by Greig Daines

Email and mobile telephone messaging are becoming increasingly business-critical in small and medium-sized companies, a new report has said.

Many businesses are building "failover protection" into these technologies, especially because email continuity is now central to firms, CBR Online stated, which could highlight the importance of email marketing in reaching out to new customers.

Staff may also want the security and flexibility that they can conduct their email marketing from any location.

"In the lead-up to events, employees rely on email to manage marketing activities and during an event engage in social media activities such as Facebook and Twitter, which has become an increasingly important element in creative client campaigns," the publication noted.

Writing for Small Business Computing, Drew Robb, a technology and engineering specialist writer, stated that small businesses not only use reliable web hosting firms for their email, but have also expanded into enterprise resource planning.

Having a reliable web hosting firm look after email could allow companies to deliver more reliable email marketing to increase brand awareness and improve search engine optimisation.



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