Monday, July 6, 2009

Internet Marketing, Video & Facebook Marketing - Are You Missing Out

Internet marketing has taken a massive change in the past year or two. When everyone was just concerned about links from other sites and rankings in the natural search engines, then internet marketing was a whole lot easier to implement. Now we have a variety of ways to successfully market business' online.

Video marketing is becoming huge, with websites such as youtube where an average of 100 million videos are watched on a daily basis, its no wonder people turn to this as a way to market their product. Its probably easier to have a press release on youtube as a video presentation format to enable you to get your message across in a lighter way than just a text based article that people would very rarely finish. This is also fantastic for media companies who wish to use it as a way to get their dvds and films in the public eye.

Facebook marketing and other social networking websites are also a great way to target a large number of people. As people love using these sites, then advertisements are never usually frowned upon as they sit within the context of the site and don't over power, they do however, get placed in a way in which they will get seen by a huge number of the users. Facebook has grown so quickly to an extent where they have 200 million active users and more than 100 million log onto the site atleast once a day.

With internet marketing having this new look, you could well be missing out on a huge number of visitors or sales every single day with a poorly manged and out of date marketing strategy.




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