Friday, June 26, 2009

Tell the Recipient Who You Are

Email communication mail communications must st state your company details, ate physical address, a genuine reply email address and subject line. Do not falsify domain name names or use a non non-responsive Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Key requirements :
  • Header information includes the domain, IP address, and any other routing information that enables a user to determine the originator of the email
  • Information is required to be valid for at least 30 days after the message is sent
  • Email content must include the sender’s company or trading name - the addition of the sender's website and phone number will further increase the credibility of the communication
  • It is good practice to refer to the origin of the relationship when first emailing a new contact.

It is acceptable for marketers to:
  • Use either an individual's email address, or a company's or company department's email address as the displayed "sender address"

It is NOT acceptable for marketers to:

  • Hide or falsify the sender's email address, website address, physical address or phone number




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