Friday, June 26, 2009

Immediacy highlighted as key aspect of email marketing

Email marketing allows growing businesses to give quick responses to their clients, an expert has claimed.

According to Ranen Goren, vice-president of cross-media products at XMPie, the channel's "immediacy" means consumers can be contacted straight after they have carried out certain online actions, such as accessing a certain part of a company's website.

Writing for, he outlined that email marketing is also cost-effective when compared to other promotional platforms, while it works well in conjunction with other formats.

He explained that while firms could rely on email for "first and second campaign waves", they can then move on to the likes of direct mail to encourage a reaction from those who did not respond initially.

"It allows response channels, incorporated through web-based response URLs, to gather relevant recipient information," he added.

"So when a marketer invests in a printed piece, it can be effectively targeted to become of greater value to the recipient."

Recent figures from Constant Contact revealed that 97 per cent of firms regularly use email marketing to reach consumers.



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