Thursday, June 25, 2009

Email marketing 'the best way to reach potential buyers'

An expert has claimed that growing businesses risk putting themselves at a disadvantage if they cut their IT budgets.

Michael Dean, head of marketing at the National Computing Centre (NCC), has claimed that spending on technology can be key for firms to ensure they are on top of the latest trends, which may include web-based direct marketing strategies.

Because of this, he warned that all kinds of companies may suffer by cutting their costs in the area.

"IT offers organisations of all sizes the opportunity to reduce costs and improve performance," he explained.

"The danger in a recession is that organisations don't invest in IT and when the upturn comes they are less competitive than others."

Recent figures from O2 found that seven out of ten firms now use smartphones as part of their day-to-day operations, while around half of companies are also upping their level of investment in technology generally.



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