Friday, June 26, 2009

Option To Unsubscribe

All ema email marketing messages il must include an option for the recipient to unsubscribe from receiving future messages and must include a genuine reply email address. All requests to unsubscribe must be actioned within 5 working days.

Key requirements :
  • Commercial email messages must include a mechanism for recipients to unsubscribe from the list or from a specific type of communication
  • The unsubscribe function must not be obscure but presented in a clear and conspicuous manner
  • The unsubscribe facility must be functional and requests to unsubscribe be actioned within 5 working days
  • If multiple communications are being sent to individuals, also offer the opportunity to unsubscribe from individual communications
  • Always action unsubscribe requests prior to sending further emails
  • It is recommended that marketers send an "unsubscribe confirmation" message
It is acceptable for marketers to:
  • gain an understanding as to why a customer has chosen to unsubscribe
It is NOT acceptable for marketers to:
  • have poor compliance systems in place which do not allow the marketer to accurately and immediately (with 5 working days) unsubscribe a customer from their database
  • ignore a customer's action to unsubscribe and thereby resend emails to that same email address
  • resubscribe recipients who have previously opted out - this is acceptable ONLY when written or emailed permission by that person has been received. (This must be maintained on file in case of a subsequent complaint).



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