Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marketing on the Internet: How much will it cost?

Marketing on the Internet need not be costly. The impact you make will depend as much on the ingenuity and effort you are prepared to put in as on your budget. You will need to pay for specialist expertise to set up your site, but not for day-to-day running.

You will need to allow for set-up costs to purchase suitable computer hardware and software and to register an Internet domain name:
  • Choose a domain name that echoes your brand or business name. Ideally, your address should be exactly what people would guess it was.
  • Registration can cost as little as £20 for two years. Shop around for the best deal.
  • Specialist software to manage email and newsletter postings costs £50 to £100.
Search engine and directory submission fees can add up:
  • Registering with search engines is essential - they are the starting point for keyword-based information searches.
  • Most search engines and directories charge for submissions.
  • Make sure you have put the key words that people will use to find your site in every page of your website.
  • Exchange free links with relevant non-competing websites.
  • Some search engines look at the number of links there are to your site as ranking criteria during searches.
Running costs will usually be low:
  • Allow regular updating of your website to keep visitors coming back.
  • Unless you are using broadband, phone bills will be higher if employees are making the most of the web.
  • Invest in training. If your employees know how to use the Internet efficiently, online time and other costs will fall.


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