Monday, May 11, 2009

Secrets of Marketing Success

Marketing and incentives are very important for the success of your online services. Agency commitment is vital in ensuring the high adoption of an electronic service. Comprehensive internal and external marketing are also critical to continue to meet customer needs and expectations.

We understand that your budget for service marketing is probably small (if any), and we have experience in developing creative marketing ideas that are free or very low cost. Over the years, we have found that reaching out to your known customer groups through existing events, publications, newsletters, routine mailings, etc., is very effective. Such targeted marketing efforts to your known customer groups are more effective than large scale and often costly broad advertising campaigns.

Marketing an online service includes:
The marketing methods for your online service may include:
A marketing plan will ensure optimum exposure. Ultimately, your marketing goals are to provide high customer satisfaction which, in turn, generates additional use of the online service.

Secrets of Marketing Success
  • Direct Mailings
  • In-person customer training
  • Offer online services at a less expensive rate than the traditional methods
  • Provide customer service via telephone and email for users learning the new system
  • Provide outreach and education at user association meetings
  • Provide easy to use and varying billing options
  • Attend user association events and conferences


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